MV5BMTQ2Nzk5NzIxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTM2NTc5MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_In the aftermath of his girlfriend’s mysterious death, a young man awakens to find strange horns sprouting from his temples.

Daniel Radcliffe is back in another movie attempt to break out of the image that he is Harry Potter, and just like ‘The Woman in Black’, he’s done it! If you read the brief description given by Red Granite Pictures, it’s very vague, and just a teeny, tiny, description. It’s kind of like saying my full description of World War 2 is “The Japanese got involved. The End”

The horns that sprout actually make people open up, tell the truth, and even give our star the powers to pretty much control people, but not good people (or so it would seem). Basically if there’s bad in someone, he brings it out of them. There’s a scene where Ig (Dan Radcliffe) gets to do what I’m sure every big named star would love to do, he gets a mob of reporters to fight each other. Oh yeah, and reminiscent of the the Harry Potter days, Daniel is back to talking to snakes, watch and learn.

After gaining these new found powers, Ig goes on a rampage to find the real killer of his murdered girlfriend. Along the way he leaves a path of chaos and confessed souls. While his interviewing techniques are a bit different, I think they’re pretty fun.

The story is sad, the acting pretty good. Daniel is great outside of HP role, he impressed me in The Woman in Black, and he impressed me again in this film.

Max Minghella plays Igs best friend Lee, who also doubles as his lawyer. Max does a decent job, if you remember Max played kind of a jerk in the movie The Internship earlier this year. Max also played in Social Network a few years ago, but I slept through that one, and don’t remember exactly how he did in that.

There are some other people in this movie, and they do some things, but it comes down to this, This is a borderline religious movie about heaven and hell, and demons and angels. It’s an interesting movie that’s about love and revenge. Worth seeing, but no need to rush out there.

Cinematography: 7 of 10….Pretty good job, no real special effects to brag about, but no vomit inducing spinning camera angles to complain about.

Story: 6 of 10….Not into religious movies, but I like the quest for truth portions.

Flow: 6 of 10…..Tastefully done flashbacks, a couple things didn’t seem timed well, but I didn’t lose interest, nor did the movie get off track.

Acting: 8 of 10…..Good job Daniel, good job Max, overall decent, nothing to write home to mom about though.

Overall: 6 of 10 – Could be a 7, but let’s stick with 6, if you’ve got some spare time, maybe go see it. But, if you don’t get the time, don’t worry too much, I foresee an early DVD sale for this one. ALTHOUGH, if you watch the trailer below, you’d swear it’s a movie you NEED to watch.

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